Threat Intelligence Pre-Registration Offers

Network issues are broad and diverse and can occur from many points of entry both external and internal. Cyberattacks are impacting businesses daily. New kinds of Crawlers, Botnets and Ransomware attacks are finding new ways to cause Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks and high risk to business.

Your Network may be used to download or host illicit materials or leak intellectual property and you need to be able to detect Ransomware before it’s too late.

In order to monitor ubiquitously Netflow Auditor’s monitoring and forensic solutions offer the most cost-effective approach with unique granularity and scalability to detect and qualify the cause of anomalies or nefarious traffic in any sized environment.

Pre-Register your initial interest
  • Offer 1: A limited Netflow Auditor Threat Intelligence subscription is available free for 3-months for a single Interface of your choice. Flows are limited to retaining threat intelligence and basic Application Performance analytics only. This free subscription can be extended as many times as you like on re-registration on this page.
  • Offer 2: Pre-Register for Free Threat Intelligence and if you purchase within 2-months of pre-registration we will give you access to our Cyber Security subscription bundle including Anomaly Detection, Auto-Diagnostics and unlimited Threat Intelligence feed for 12-months.

NOTE: To activate your extended free Threat Intelligence subscription please:
  • Click Pre-Register now to secure this Offer
  • Install NetFlow Auditor and copy your license ID displayed on initial screen or Under Configuration>Administrator>License
  • Return to this page and enter in your License ID.
  • Let us show you why Netflow Auditor scales well beyond any other tool in the market.